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Ebb and floleft

floleft grew from the need for clear expectations and purpose. It has become our purpose, and is how we conduct ourselves professionally. We believe that a direct line of communication between you and your developer is essential to garner a mutual understanding of these expectations. floleft is dedicated to fostering business relationships through education. We believe that when given the tools, you'll be able to assist us in creating projects with greater complexity that can be maintained easily and accurately. floleft was created to help you succeed online; and we are enthusiastic about it!

floleft provides web design and development services for businesses all over the country. Our primary business residence is located in southern Delaware and we can meet you in person if you're located in Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Georgetown, Fenwick, or the surrounding delmarva region. floleft also has extensive experience using online conferencing tools and we often utilize all forms of communication during project development and training. Even if you aren't located near us, we'll be able to maintain fluid communication to accurately achieve your project's purpose.

The Importance of Purpose

All projects, irregardless of size, demand clear purpose. Without purpose, a project is destined to fail. Not all projects have a single purpose and it is our goal to find all avenues from which a website will thrive. A purpose could be as small as the demographic you're attempting to relate with, or a complex application that speeds up business administration tasks and reduces overhead. Each purpose is then considered during the development process and is a means to measure the success of a project.

The confidence we have, and the quality of projects we produce, is based on our many experiences in meeting project purposes. Please don't hesitate to talk with us. Let's build great websites that will help your business flourish online.