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Ron Gray's Campaign Website Designed by floleft
Aug 2012
We're independent contractors that artistically create your ideas.
Hanson Home Works website after floleft redevelopment.
May 2012
Great looking renovations on a great looking website.
New eCommerce website created by floleft
Apr 2012
eCommerce websites are built to grow. website launch - Delaware website designer
Apr 2012
A community website can bridge oceans.

In this fast moving business driven world we (people) tend to lose focus on our original goals. As each project ends, or deadline is reached, we often don't take a breather before moving on to the next venture. How are we to learn from our sucesses and failures if we never take the time to analyze and reflect on what we have just accomplished? Some people may say "never look back" because it seems to be unproductive, but I believe:

"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to...

Mar 2012
Celebrate your accomplishments to excel faster.

Initial Development of your website is like the business plan for your business. They're both great starting points, but they each require constant change and adaptions to stay competitive. In websites, these changes come on many fronts. You can make text changes to the current content on your website or create new pages and journal entries to raise your website in the search results. If you're not completely happy with your design, you could begin making graphical changes or highlight special call-to-actions that could lead the user to content you want them to see....

Mar 2012
A website, like a piece of art, is never truly complete. Real Estate Website created by floleft
Feb 2012
Sell your home on your own real estate website.

Owning a home is a big responsibility that requires lots of time and work to keep maintained. One of the tasks that you'll be performing on a weekly basis is cutting the lawn. The act of cutting grass is a simple concept; just break each blade of grass in half and you're done. Even with a small lawn you have millions of blades of grass to break. We're intelligent beings, so we employ tools to perform these tasks efficiently with greater accuracy. What tool do you choose for a task such as this?

There are many tools out there that could...

Feb 2012
Use the right tools and developer for your website.

There are many annoying things that can be done to websites these days. However, none are more annoying than music playing through a website. Unless music is your business, such as websites like Pandora, Grooveshark, or some other similar service, it is bound to fail. Putting music on a website is the equivalent of putting a permanent detour sign in front of your road. It's like the cliché "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape that is wrapped around a crime scene. You're a little curious about what's happening on the other side, but not...

Feb 2012
Only dedicated music websites should play music. - We build great websites. We also graphic design and more.
Feb 2012
Analyze the changes to your brand and website.

If you've visited Dr. James' website recently you'll notice it has been upgraded with many additional features to help her business thrive online. Searching has been upgraded so users will be able to find what they're looking for more easily. New social media widgets have been added to begin her path into advertising through these same networks. The website has also been upgraded for speed with the use of streamlined code and additional caching...

Feb 2012
We create fast websites jam packed with features.

A beautiful and successful website that is managed through a content management system doesn't need to cost small fortune to build. There are quite a few ways to save money; many of which include being prepared and organized before beginning development. Research your competition and review the features and content they currently offer through their websites. Find other websites and features online that are appealing to you and your customers....

Feb 2012
Great website's don't have to cost a fortune.'s website was built by floleft.
Feb 2012
Artists need a sounding board they own.

You want your website to be found through organic searches from the numerous search engines online. Why pay per click if you don't have to? Even if you plan to pay, why not get the best prices possible for each keyword you intend to target? Optimizing your website content for both users and search engines is a constant battle and there are many tricks of the trade that can be used to target your demographic while also bringing in new users to your website....

Jan 2012
SEO is an integral part to a successful website.
floleft website design, Millsboro DE
Jan 2012
Our website is getting better every iteration.