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Minor changes lead to precise results.

With a new year and a new website we have begun taking a more aggressive approach to marketing directly to business and to the world through our website. One of the most noticeable changes, if you've followed  us in the past, is we're becoming more vocal. Not only are we explaining our projects in greater detail to the users of our website, we are also providing insight to strangers around the world on how to better their websites and ways to reduce cost when working with any type of developer. With the changes to our business strategy, we also wanted to change our logo to be slightly more aggressive.

However, our logo is a branding. It is our face to businesses online and in our local community; so we cannot change it completely. We wouldn't want to change it anyway because it's still a great looking logo that captures everything about floleft. So, we set out to change one piece that we liked the least. Which part of the logo did we change? You can check out the comparison above... or we'll just tell you it's the wave inside the O. Along with this slight change, we also crisped  the edges of the design and presto! We now have an aggressive new logo that everyone will still recognize. Along with this change, we updated our business cards to reflect the new logo and in doing so we also recreated the water surface in Illustrator so we can now resize the image however we wish without ruining the design. We also added more bubbles to make the logo look like it was just recently submerged in water.

All of the design changes that occurred were only slight changes. We did not want to disregard our branding entirely and hope businesses would still recognize us without confusion.This is a technique we always use when optimizing content for search engines and other ongoing development tasks. You should always create content and features piece by piece and watch the results. Analyze how users interact with each piece of your website over the weeks after a launch and make changes according to the paths they take. Add new features to your website and ask for feedback to ensure there is no learning curve hindering the achievement of your intended goals. Even though we are experienced website developers, we also spend countless hours analyzing our own website content while assisting many clients, friends and family members on similar tasks. So, don't hesitate to say hello and see if we can't help you make the right decisions for your website or brand.