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A new year. A new website.

Happy New Year! It is now 2012 and floleft is on a new framework with a new design. The website is now launched using our altered Drupal 7 framework, which includes many custom modules, developed by floleft, to make the entire CMS more complete. Our previous website worked great when starting floleft in 2010, but we now need something more. We did not have many websites showing off our skills in Photoshop and Illustrator for design, or any websites that showed what we were capable of in scripting languages such as Javascript and jQuery. So, the original was heavily scripted to show off some of the more advanced techniques that allowed for the entire website to animate and load dynamic pieces of code; without refreshing the entire page. The focus of the design was around showing off what it could do, instead of being about our portfolio of websites.

floleft's portfolio of launched websites has grown in 2011; with several more in the pipe to launch during the coming weeks. We now have a different focus, and that is towards this portfolio of launched websites and optimizing our content to attract businesses from around the country. Each website is unique. Each website is created cooperatively between ourselves and clients. Each website application is written based on the needs of a business.

Our portfolio of  websites speak for itself. We encourage you to view our portfolio.