You are here is a political website built to promote the candidate Ron Gray for State Representative of the 38th District in Delaware. Ron Gray, being a small business owner himself, is a proponent of small business in his district. So, it was only natural that floleft was brought on-board to develop his online presence for the campaign. Ron announced his candidacy in early summer and floleft immediatly began working on print flyers, business cards, and other early campaign materials. Once those were completed, the website was fast-tracked and launched just one week after Ron's official campaign kick-off announcement.

floleft had quite a bit of freedom with the design and development of the website. With the tight schedule for the campaign, the volunteers including Ron are all working diligently on district issues, attending many local events, and meeting many great people in the community.

We went with a clean professional design for the website; with a simple approach to the homepage. Our goal with every website is to lead users to the content they want, as efficiently as possible. Everything on the website is within two clicks from the homepage. We have also added an additional header that slides into view when you scroll down the page to provide additional forms and links for the user. Newsletters are tied into content creation, so when news entries are created on the website they are also sent to constituents that have signed up. There are also content relationships between Issues and Events if they are related, other political candidates and their opinions can be linked to Ron's issues, and Friends of Ron Gray can participate directly on the website and influence the content being added. There are many more features planned throughout the campaign. So, keep checking back if you're interested in Ron Gray for State Representative.

If you live in Delaware's 38th District, check out the campaign website promoting Ron Gray for State Representative: Above all else, don't forget to vote (for anyone) on November 6th, 2012.